AR Virtual Monitors

Work Any Location, Any Position, Any Configuration with GingerXR!

PC Virtual Desktop Experience for Xreal or Rokid AR Glasses
Image of a man using GingerXR generate 3 virtual monitors

For Innovators

Private Spatial Displays

Create your own mobile multi-display setup customized to your preferences

Work productively and privately at the airport on your next travel
Wired and Streaming Superior flexibility with wired and wireless streaming functionalities

Cast your PC workstation to your AR Glasses on the couch


Demonstration of how to use the wireless functionality of GingerXR
Wirelessly Stream your Windows PC to your Android Phone and AR glasses

Lounge on your bed with your workstation teleported to you!


Demonstration of how to use the wired functionality of GingerXR
Support direct connection to your Windows Laptop via USB C Port

Ergonomically head-tracked displays for your laptop

What Users are saying...

“app is working great for me on S21 Ultra with my Windows 11 desktop! Thanks! It's super smooth with no jittering. ...”
image of Redditor u/bersca
u/bersca Redditor
"Wow! This is a game changer for me! This is exactly the use case I was wanting when I first got my Nreal Air. ..."
image of Redditor u/musik_dude7
u/musik_dude7 Redditor
"Worked the first time out of the box. Amazed by the number of options and how well it works! Thanks for your work on this. Can't wait to see future improvements! ..."
image of Redditor u/nosit1
u/nosit1 Redditor

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Image of a woman using Ginger on her AR glasses to display a 3 virtual monitors