Hat mount your AR glasses for comfortable and extended use
Chad J
Published: Aug 22, 2023
Welcome to our step-by-step tutorial on how to mount your AR glasses onto a hat using tape. This simple yet effective method will allow you to enjoy your AR experiences comfortably without any weight on your nose.
img Finished Product.
Warning: This will leave a sticky residue on your AR glasses and hat. Materials Needed: AR glasses, Hat/Baseball Cap, Electrical tape or similar tapes, Pair of scissors
Step 1: Measure and prepare the Tape: 1. Measure where your hat and AR glasses will fit 2. Prepare the Tape: Choose durable tape for the job. Electrical tape is recommended due to its adhesive strength and flexibility, but other tapes with minimal elasticity can work too. 3. Cut a piece of tape around 10in/25cm.
Step 2: Apply Tape to Glasses: 1. Wrap the tape around the area behind the hinge so that you can stick it to the top of the hat. (When viewed from the front wrap the tape counter-clockwise, and on the left side, wrap it clockwise.)
Step 3: Attach Glasses to Hat: 1. Attach the tape to the top of the visor.
Step 4: Repeat for the Other Side: 1. Apply the same taping method to the other side of the glasses, following the same instructions. 2. Overlap the 2 pieces of tape over each other, this will help the tape sticky better to the hat.
Step 5: Adjust the Hat and Glasses: 1. Put on the hat and glasses combination, you can put the glasses and hat on easier by lifting the back of the hat and putting the glasses on, and then folding the hat back over your head. 2. You can remove the nose bridge pad or change it to the shortest one