Frequently Asked Questions

Display not supported "Sorry, this display is unsupported" in Wired Virtual Display program
There is a current issues with multiple GPU in the same PC. You might be able to work around this issue by doing the following
- Configure "Default Virtual Display Capture API" and "Default Physical Display Capture API" to use a different capture API. Need to re-launch application. - Configure the "Local Wired Virtual Display Program Graphics Preference" and "Install Virtual Display Driver on High Performance GPU"
to use the same high performance discrete GPU or both use the integrated GPU. Need to restart the application to apply
- You can disable one of your GPU in the Windows Setting "Device Manager" -> "Display Adapters". Right click the GPU adapter and click "Disable device".
Need to configure "Install Virtual Display Driver on High Performance GPU" setting correspondingly. Need to restart the application to apply

Failed to Uninstall / Install Virtual Display Driver
Please make sure there isn't anti-virus software blocking the execution of the driver installation software
You can manually uninstall driver by goint to Windows Setting "Device Manager" -> "Display Adapters". Right click "GingerXRDisplayDriver Device" and click "Uninstall Device".
Uninstalling and reinstalling the appication might help as well.

Screen Capture does not work with Netflix and other content platforms
You can try using other browsers such as FireFox to stream the content which may work.
Netflix and other streaming platform intentionally limit their content from being stream.
Unfortunately this is a limit for the current product since the capture API is not able to capture those content.

Screen Capture does not work for "User Account Control" security prompt
This is a current limitation of the existing screen capture methods.
You can work around this by: 1.Open a "Run" (Win+R) box and type "UserAccountControlSettings" and click "Enter" Key.
2. Move the vertical slider to the third notch from the top (do not dim my desktop). then Click "OK" and "Yes" to apply the setting.

Screen Capture stops after the PC is locked
This is a current limitation with no work around. email us a feedback to help us prioritize this.

Screen Capture does not work with "Security Option Window" (Ctrl+Alt+Delete)
This is a current limitation with no work around. email us a feedback to help us prioritize this.

Slow / Failed to Establish Streaming Connection
The backend servers are currently located in United States, other geographics might experience longer communication delayes due to distance

Poor Latency / Streaming Performance
Reduce monitor resolution and use more Virtual Display instead. Ensure you have a good stable WIFI connection, ideally 5GHZ network. You can also enable WIFI hotspot on Windows or Android and connect the other device to the hotspot in public places. If possible, connecting the Windows PC using wired connection.

Cannot Install Android App
"App not installed" issue seem to be fixed by retrying the installation base on feedback from existing user.
Make sure there is sufficient storage on the phone and reboot the phone for good measures.

Do I need to install both the Windows and the Android App?
Yes! GingerXR current streams your PC content to the Glasses, so both apps need to be installed. Standalone wired version coming soon!

Cannot create Virtual Displays / Virtual Display Driver Errors
On some platforms such as ARM or older Windows versions the Virtual Display Driver is not supported. It might still be possible to stream the existing physical displays

Unable to Run App with "Error Code-5 Please Connect Your Glasses" / "Please Run App in Rokid Air"
GingerXR Android needs to be launched through the AR mode in order to get 3Dof tracking

Firewall Rules to Unblock GingerXR Servers
Please white list the following: "", "", ""

Windows Does Not Let Me Install
In the "Windows protected your PC" security prompt. Click on "More Info" and it will then show the "Run Anyway" option

Large CPU Comsumption
By default the Windows app uses CPU base VP8 encoder, you can change the encoder in the "Performance Settings" (VP8 tend to be the best for low latency for most users). Please verify that the encoder is available and used in the Statistics.

Gaps Between Screen is Too Large
You can change to screen gap in the "Settings" page

Screen Resolution is low
You can change the streaming resolution in the "Performance Settings" page